The Balled of Judy and Roland

Judy tries to catch the wind with a razorblade.
Roland offers an empty bottle and wishes success
She denies, but anyway, he leaves it behind
Hoping that she would look what is inside

Judy thinks that nothing fills it but air
and “if air had any value it wouldn’t be anywhere”
Roland walks away wishing to look back
but he doesn’t cause he saw it in films from France.

Judy stands still “what’s wrong with that boy?
If you give me a bottle, first fill it up with Scotch”
Roland starts wondering if he should return
and tell her what’s that bottle is filled up of.

Roland meets Judy again and notes the bottle is gone
He asks for it and she replies that “it just broke”
So he tries to catch what the wind has left
But he suddenly realizes it was just another past stack

Judy apologies and promises him another one
Roland is too busy picking the pieces in the ground
So he places all together and asks her to breath on it
When she does her name is there written with his fingertips

Roland says that is just a slice of what he meant
Her name was just the title for the story he had set
Judy is enchanted when he talks about the bottle’s content
and she says that they could fill up as many bottle as they can get.


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